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Start offering working capital to your merchants

Embedded business finance for eCommerce & Omnichannel players

Are you a payment provider, marketplace or eCommerce platform? Our data-driven business finance platform empowers you to offer revenue-based finance directly to your customers under your own brand. And we’ll take care of everything else.

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Our products

Lemonero Business Financing

Offer your customers seasonal advances, equipment funding, and much more by using our data-driven business finance platform. And it comes with a revenue-based payment model that’s simple, stress-free, and loved by merchants.

Coming soon

Lemonero Insights

Our AI-powered analytics tool supports merchant in monitoring and predicting their cash flow, offering insights to master their liquidity or financial health.

Fully embedded,
revenue-based finance.
Powered by AI.

Specially designed for SMB‘s – eCommerce & omnichannel

Better serve the needs of SMB's – greater ticker size potential and flexibility

Data-driven scoring model with AI & machine-learning skills

Ability to predict and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions (pandemic, financial crisis)

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We proudly support our customers

“We’ve achieved a great amount of success with embedded financing from Lemonero. Thanks to focusing on our customers’ funding and cash-flow needs, we’ve built a strong position on the market, increased our own revenue and even raised the lifetime value of our clients.”
Jakub Kovac, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Mall Marketplace

How can you benefit from partnering with Lemonero?

transaction volume

client churn

merchant growth

Increase overall
lifetime value

Find new & recurring
revenue streams

retention rates

Boost your business.
Support your customers.

Embedding a financing solution provides your customers added value.


Lifetime value


Customer satisfaction score


Increase in customer loyalty

Backed by top tier partner

“Our mission is to disrupt business financing through big data & AI, and to help SMBs grow and achieve their dreams.”
Jan Lastuvka, CEO & Founder, Lemonero

Your customers deserve brand-new business financing. FuIly automated and online.

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We provide a business finance platform embedded into your customer experience and interface with a single API. We manage the whole funding process and assume 100% of the risk of the money we’ve advanced to the customer.