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The fastest growing, award-winning AI-driven European embedded finance platform

Boost your business with
AI-driven Embedded Finance

PSPs, Marketplaces and eCommerce Platforms

Our white-label lending solution enables PSPs and online marketplaces to deliver revenue-based financing options to their underfinanced SMB merchants, driving higher profitability through improved merchant performance and generating new, recurring revenue streams


With our cutting-edge modular embedded finance platform we empower banks to provide SME customers seamless credit experiences through digitalized and simplified onboarding. Driving the profitability of bank's SME financing

We empower and transform market leaders into digital lenders

Lemonero Embedded Finance for PSPs and marketplaces

Boost your merchant's business by offering them flexible financing

Our white-label full-service lending solution seamlessly integrates with omnichannel payment platforms, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms helping them to provide instant capital to their SME merchants

According to our research, over 60% of merchants needed funding to start, run and grow their business in the last 2 years. Traditional banks cannot satisfy their needs for working and growth capital. With Lemonero Embedded Finance you offer fast, smart and revenue-based finance directly to your merchants under your own brand. And we act as the lender so no credit risk for you.


Increase transaction volume

Boost merchant growth

Find new & recurring revenue streams

Increase overall lifetime value

Reduce client churn

Raise retention rates

Why is Lemonero the best solution for you?

Fully embedded

Everything is online and under your own brand. Simple and fast, cash in the bank account of the merchant in less than 10 minutes


Transparency is our virtue: the customer immediately sees the final amount including all fees. No strings attached.

AI Scoring model

AI-based scoring model and machine learning allows us to approve more requests and provide more funding.


Repayment period depends on the performance of your clients. When their cash-flow is higher, they repay faster.

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Lemonero Embedded Finance for Banks

Boost your bank's profitability in SME Financing

Our modular Lending as a Service technology platform is tailored for banks and other financial institutions, empowering them to orchestrate, digitalize and automate their SME lending processes. Our platform offers an easy way to enhance risk assessments with AI-driven behavioral scoring and new data inputs, enabling automated real-time decision making.


Unleash your SME potential

Boost digitalization

Find new & recurring revenue streams

Reduce cost

Shorten time to cash

Seamless integration

How do we boost your profitabilty?

Streamlined Process

We streamline your processes to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of SME lending 

Easy Onboarding

We simplify, automate and fully digitalize your onboarding procedures to save time and limit manual interventions

AI behavioral risk assessment

We expedite decision-making powered by AI behavioral risk scoring models to shorten the time to cash for your SME client


We improve 'first-time-right' and quality of the decision-making

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Lemonero AI-Financial analytics

Boosting the performance of merchants

Our super-intelligent application, supported by conversational AI and chatbot, is helping merchants to unlock opportunities with useful tips, triggers, and predictions to improve their performance and financial health.


Improve competitive edge

Powerful metrics and KPIs

Continuous innovations

Growth data insights

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Boost your business.
Support your customers.

Fully embedded lending solution provides added value to your customers.


Increase in revenue


Customer satisfaction score


Increase in customer loyalty

Backed by top tier partner

“Our mission is to disrupt business financing through big data & AI, and to help SME grow and achieve their dreams.”
Jan Lastuvka, CEO & Founder, Lemonero
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